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This is the gorillas 5th yearly improv festival and once again weŽve invited
top internatinal players to charm you from canada, slovenia, USA, Austria,
Russia, Japan, France, England and Holland as well as some of our favourite
german colleagues! And once again you have your chance to keep`em on their
toes and then turn`em on their heads with extatic screaming for encores-
weŽll be screaming too and we canŽt wait!

This year weŽll be welcoming a mixture of some familiar faces and many new
ones too like the British Comedy Company, instant theatre from Canada and
Teatr 05 from St. Petersburg. These 3 companies and our old friends from
Rapid Fire Theatre Canada will thrill you with each of their shows. as well
as that the thing we look forward to all year long, we have everyone
mixing and matching every night there will be stories and adventures and
brand new ensembles to keep you highly entertained!

And on the top of all that: weŽve invited the first russian improv ensemble
Teatr 05 to celebrate their german premier within the frame work of IMPRO
2005; unexpected productions from seattle USA together with theater sport
berlin will be bringing shakespeare to our impro stage - can they master
the master?!

There will also be shows and workshops for students presented by Alistair
Cook (of Canadian Improv Games) who runs impro matches in canada where
20.000 students take part every year.

Have fun!