Dear friends of the theatre,
the 2012 edition of our international festival of improv theatre is all about the diversity of improv theatre: be it an improvised radio play or musical, an improvised song contest or CRUMBS, the opening evening show or the open stage - you can choose between a total of 32 very different shows. This year, our programme is also more than ever addressed at those with an interest in culture who may not know about improv theatre yet. For the purposes of easy access, we have introduced a system of orientation to our website as well as this booklet which will tell you which event is most suited to which expectation.

This year, the festival welcomes actresses and actors from 12 countries, making sure IMPRO is still one of the biggest festivals of this genre in Europe and also globally. We are happy to have yet more colleagues from all over the world joining us in making this event a success. As always, we Gorillas as the hosts have invited a mix of known names and faces and new artists. From Canada, the inexhaustible source of innovative theatrical improvisers, we welcome Mike Fly in Berlin for the first time - popular not just for his "Improv Monologues." His compatriots of the National Theatre of the World enjoy an almost legendary reputation - they have won the coveted Canadian Comedy Award several times, and can be seen with two very different improv formats here. Another group didn't have to travel quite this far: the Springmäuse are from Bonn. They are, however, no less legendary, for three decades ago, German improv theatre was synonymous with their name.

We welcome BühnenRausch - the playing field of many Berlin improv groups - and ComedySportz as our partners; their three shows form the supporting programme of the biggest IMPRO year so far. And for the first time, we'll be working with the Kreisau-Initiative on a very special project. 

We look forward to seeing you - and to listening to your ideas, for the driving force of improvised theatre is still this: make a suggestion! 

Yours, The Gorillas